About Me

danny spina



Hi! I’m Danny Spina.
I am a web developer working in the amazing web agency 3m5. in Dresden, Germany.

I’m not the typical developer who started programming at the age of 6.

Quite the opposite.

I’ve always been interested in computers and technology and that’s why after high school I started working as an IT consultant.

During this experience, I began exploring the world of web development at the age of 25, and made some basic websites for friends.

When my knowledge of the code was really basic (HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP), I decided to train with a large and reputed web agency.

With my big surprise, I get the job, and now I have greatly improved my knowledge of web development.

I can work with WordPress and Typo3, and I’ve learned a lot about Javascript, NodeJS, NPM, Docker, SASS, Bootstrap and many other interesting things like web design.

If you want, you can contact me by sending a message with my contact page or you can easily reach me through the social networks.