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New website for a new start

First blog post of my brand new website

Thursday, May 26, 2022


This is the first post on my new website. My old personal website was a WordPress site hosted on a normal server with a hosting service.

Everything is fine with it, the only thing is that the last post was more than 2 years old. And in those two years, a lot has happened, I have changed as a person and as a developer.

That WordPress website wasn’t anymore a digital representation of who I am. The design was all delegated to a free theme and the technical part was all delegated to WordPress and the hosting service.

This new website is different. I get rid of WordPress (nothing against it, it is just not the tool I want to use) and I get rid also of the hosting service. Kind of.

The website is made with Svelte and hosted on Netlify, directly connected to the GitHub repo where the source code is. Every time I push a commit into master then will be live deployed.

This is the way I get rid of a CMS at all: I write the posts in Markdown, and I commit them to the repo.

The static website is incredibly fast, I don’t have to update anything, and have no plugins that bloat my code. Just what I need, no CMS, no server, nothing.

This is called Jamstack.

If you want to check the code, this is the GitHub repo.

I am really satisfied with the new stack I’m using. About the design… well, I am still experimenting with it, it will probably change with time.

As the subtitle on the homepage says, I call myself a “digital craftsman”, an artisan that works with code instead of wood or marble. And I want that the design of my website represents this idea.

I will explain this concept more in detail in the next posts.