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Weekly Retro

Friday, January 13, 2023


Productive day at work 💪 I fixed all the bugs quite fast and without big problems. I had also to make a step outside my comfort zone and a meeting gave me the motivation to go more deeply into GraphQL. Let’s see. Mood: 🚀


Had to switch to Home Office mode, I am not fit and on Thursday I HAVE to be part of an event where our Software runs. Better work from home then. The day is overall not as productive as yesterday but happens. I am stuck with a kind of simple problem of component positioning on the page, had to fight with CSS and nested components. Mood: 🥱


The GraphQL Topic of Monday is back. I made another meeting, and it was really helpful to understand the sides of GraphQL that I have to study. I decided to build a little project to play a bit with it, let’s see if I do it 😅 Otherwise we started the preparation for the Event and we had to prepare all the stuff for tomorrow 💪. Mood: 🚚


The day of the event! After the whole day as a “Hostess” trying to engage people, I understood that I love my work. There is a reason why I prefer to speak with computers instead of people 😆 But the day was awesome and the Software worked as expected. Back to the office we had to put back all the stuff, and finally, I could relax on my couch. A satisfying day 🙂 Mood: ☺️


After the hard work, I could slow down today. I used almost the whole day making code reviews. Sometimes is hard to find a compromise between different people that have different opinions about code patterns, code design, etc. But this is also part of our job as software engineers, developers, and in general people that work in a team on complex systems. Let’s go into the weekend! Mood: 🤷