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Weekly Retro

Friday, January 20, 2023


Very very tough day today. I’m going to leave the company where I work and today I had to communicate this to all my colleagues during a meeting. I am excited to start a new journey with a new agency, but this company and my colleagues gave me so much during those two years. I grow up a lot, as a person and as an engineer. mood: 🥹


We are delivering great features with our software. I could start finally an exciting prototype of an electron app, that will be the backend UI for the event managers. I don’t have much experience in Electron development, and I’m learning a ton of new things! If only I remember to put the whole new knowledge into my second brain… but slowly I’m improving also my note-taking skills. Mood: 👨‍💻


Wake up with snow! Unexpected 🤣 today a lot of code reviews. After a meeting, I was excited to start working on a proof of concept about GraphQL, in a complex project. Was challenging and I had in front of me an ENORMOUS amount of things to learn, but… unfortunately, my planned hours for this project were over, and I had to give up. Somebody else will do it. Mood: 😔


Today and tomorrow I will stay at home, I’m not feeling fit, and is better to avoid the unnecessary cold. Quite a lazy day, not very productive. Today and tomorrow I will be concentrating to finalize the electron app prototype. Mood: 🥱


Today I had a lot of distractions at home. I could not work without interruptions for more than 30 min. I finally got a moment to focus on the work late at night when everybody here are sleeping. Working so late is not the moment I prefer to work (at all), but I have to admit that the peace of the night is cool. Mood: 😵‍💫